Rev.Fr Jacob Lobo

 Founder of Concetta Hospital

In the 1950’s the medical facilities for the people of Kinnigoli and the surrounding villages were scarce. Rev. Fr. Jacob Lobo, the Parish Priest of Kinnigoli set out to fulfil the need of the people  

 His far-sighted vision made his dream into a reality when he started a hospital in the church premises of Kinnigoli in 1958. Although short of funds, he ventured into action with minimum resources. He sought permission from the Bishop of Mangalore diocese to realize this plan in a 5 acre plot with a basic fund of Rs. 10,000/- only in hand.  Trusting in the providence of God and the goodwill of the people, the foundation stone was laid for the hospital on 03.02.1957. The dream of Fr. Jacob Lobo was actualized when the concetta hospital was blessed by Rt. Rev. Dr. Basil S Peres Bishop of Mangalore and inaugurated by the Deputy Commissioner of the District on 13.04.1958. His Undaunted courage and love for the sick and the suffering brought this hospital into existence.

  The child was born “Will it survive? Was the question of many. Through the hard work of Fr. Jacob Lobo and the labour of love of many a person of goodwill, the child grew up steadily and is currently at the threshold of its Golden Jubilee.

 In the beginning, the hospital comprised 12 beds the Maternity block with 6 beds was inaugurated in 1962.

  We recall with gratitude the Doctors who rendered their   valuable service to the hospital in the initial period with minimum facilities, especially Dr. Tellies  (01.0719660 - 15.11.1970)  and Dr. Jossy Pereira (13-04-1970 - 01.03.1978)

 Need for nurses: the need of nurses for the hospital was felt acutely   Fr. Jacob Lobo approached Rev Mother Precilla, the superior general of Bethany sisters, of help. Hence Rev. Sr  Letitis B.S. was the first sister Nurse who joined the staff on 01.06.1968 and Rev Sr. Marie Celine B.S. followed her.

 After the transfer of Rev. Fr Jacob Lobo, Rev Fr. L.V.M  Fernandes became the director of the hospital. Under his able leadership, the hospital showed steady progress. The Outpatient and inpatient departments were started. During his tenure, the new opd block with operation theatre, Laboratory and X-ray Department were added with financial assistance by  Miserior, Germany and was inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Dr. Basil  Dsouza bishop of Mangalore On 04.05.1977

Mobile Clinics: Due to the lack of transport facilities in the area, the need for mobile clinics was felt. Hence mobile clinic services were started in Neerude, Damaskatte, Niddodi,  Balkunje and Kateel in 1971. Appreciating the good work of the doctors and sisters, a vehicle was donated by Caritas India to the hospital, which was used for these mobile clinics.

In 1979 Rev. Fr. Bernad D’Souza took over the charge of the hospital as Director. During his tenure, the nurses’ hostel was started and better facilities were provided for the nurses.

  From 1982 Rev. Fr. Aloysius D’Souza was the Director of the hospital. It was his great desire that the hospital provide medical facilities to the patients even during the night. Hence 24 Hour Emergency facilities were made available.

Transfer for Management:

During the tenure of Fr. Aloysius D’Souza the management of the hospital was handed over to the Bethany Congregation. On 26-08-1986 an agreement was drawn up and signed by the Bishop of Mangalore, Rt. Rev. Dr. Basil S. D’Souza  Superior  General of the Sisters  Of Bethany Congregation,  Sr. M. Sylvine and the  Parish Priest of Kinnigoli, Fr. Aloysius D’Souza. Rev. Dr. Sr. Lelian took over as the first Bethany Director of the hospital in 1986. Since that time, till date, she has been captaining the ship responsibly. Since then, the Concetta Hospital has been steadily growing and effectively carrying out all the activities in the field of medical service and integrated community health programmes.

We recall, with gratitude, the selfless and dedicated services of the Doctors and Nurses who served the institution selflessly, conspicuous among them are Dr. Benedict D’Souza , Dr.   Shodan  Kumar , Dr. Kumara Swamy, Dr.Mahendra,  Dr. Nayak , Dr. Durgaprasad , Dr. Yogish Dr. Sandra Mascarenhas, Dr. Preema  Paul , Dr. Sharath, Dr. Bhaskar Kotian , Dr. Ashwin , Dr. Vivian Mendonca , Dr. Ashreema , Dr. Sanman, Dr. Cimona , Dr. Ajay, Dr. Vijay, Dr. Sheldon  Mathias, and Dr. Vincent  Among the  Nurses Sr. Ann Maria , Sr. Ina , Sr. Laureena , Sr. Naveen , Sr. Hope Sr. Blecilla, Sr. Amitha . Sr. A. P. Terese and others have rendered their valuable services. We remain grateful to every one of them.

Important Milestones in the history of Concetta Hospital during the past 20 years:

  1. The Nursing Aid Course was started in the year 1982. Nearly 500 students have successfully completed the course and are employed here as well as in other hospitals. There are 11 students in the current year.
  2. Considering the need for preventive and promotive health, health services were extended to the community through the Community Health Project from the year 1995, which covers 25 neighbouring villages, Awareness Programmes on health and hygiene, nutrition, immunization, different infectious diseases, new lifestyle diseases health check-ups and formation of Mahila Mandals, etc. were conducted through this project. In the year 1996 the community health services were restructured into an organization called Along with other empowerment works, Sanjeevini is actively involved in preventive and promotive health in the villages. Sanjeevini has been working towards all–round development of the people, especially of women and children.
  3. In 1987 a fully – pledged Operation Theatre started Various types of surgeries are performed by efficient surgeons in the Theatre. During the year 2006 nearly 400 and in 2007 around surgeries were performed. Year after year, more and more people are availing our surgical services.
  4. In 1992 the Maternity Block was extended. In 1998 the maternity services were upgraded with ultrasound facilities. During the last year. i.e., in 2007 nearly one thousand scans (Obstetric & general) were performed. There is a gradual increase in the number of deliveries. In 2006 there were 460 deliveries and in 2007 the number increased to 520. A better fetal monitoring machine called NST Machine 9non stress test) was donated by Dr. Ann Eline from Germany in the year 2005. The new Ultrasound machine was installed in 2021.
  5. In the year 2002, new Emergency Block was built with modern emergency facilities, in the successive year the old building was renovated with additional Special Rooms and Semi Special Rooms, Which attracts many more patients to the hospital.
  6. Homeopathy Consultation is made available for patients twice a week by experts from Fr. Muller Homeopathy Medical College. The Hospital Facilities are availed for the Homeopathy Interns and students to assist them in their obstetric learning. Homeopathy Interns from Fr. Muller Homeopathy College are given one month postings in our hospital throughout the year since 2004.
  7. VCTC Programme (Voluntary Counselling and Testing Centre): Through CBCI and CODP, Concetta Hospital is actively involved in the detection of HIV/AIDS Patients through VCTC Programme. The tests are conducted free of cost. In the past 11/2 year, 900 patients are tested for HIV/AIDS and 34 patients are found to be positive When HIV/AIDS Patients are admitted to our hospital, we treat them without any discrimination

In memory of the Golden Jubilee of the hospital, the newly built OPD Block was inaugurated on 26-05-2007.

Thereafter year by year the growth of the hospital is in the positive vibes in the vicinity of Kinnigoli and surrounding villages.


Facilities available in our hospital at present:

  • Outpatient services
  • Inpatient series ( 50 beds 6 special rooms and 10 semi-special rooms male and female  general wards
  • Maternity services
  • 24-hour emergency services
  • X-Ray, ECG
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Ultrasound Facility
  • Treatment for snake bites
  • Immunization for neonates, infants and children
  • Sick call  care attended in the homes  according to the need
  • Health education  is  provided in the  wards
  • The spiritual needs of the patients are met.
  • Specialists visit the hospital on a regular basis. The following:  

  Although the management was handed over to the Bethany sisters, the parish priests of Kinnigoli have continued to show their deep interest towards the development of this hospital with their valuable   direction and guidance. We gratefully recall guidance and support   by Msgr. Alousis D Souza, Late Rev Fr Alyosius Rosario, Rev Fr Stany Tauro, Rev Fr. J. J Saldanha,   Rev. Fr Alfred J pinto, Rev Fr Vincent Montiero, Late Rev Fr Matthew Vas, Mosgr L Maxim Noronha and presetly Rev Fr Faustine Lucas Lobo the Managing Trustee. We remain Grateful to them and also to all the assistant Parish Priests who have catered to the spiritual needs of the patients.