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Maundy Thursday Celebration

Reported by: Fr. Rupesh Tauro And Photos by: Rahul Fernandes. Kinnigoli, Apr. 18: Maundy Thursday was observed at Immaculate conception Church, Kinnigoli on April...

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Maundy Thursday 2019 0

Maundy Thursday 2019

Amche Jivith – April 2019

Amche Jivith – April 2019

Palm Sunday Celebration at Kinnigoli Church

Reported By: Fr.Rupesh Tauro Palm Sunday Celebrated at Immaculate conception Church, Kinnigoli on April 14, 2019. All the faithful gathered at Church Grounds. Rev....

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Palm Sunday 2019

Palm Sunday 2019

Pilgrimage to Velankani Shrine

Reported By: Fr. Rupesh Tauro. As the part of season of Lent, the Kinngoli Church organized a pilgrimage to Velankani Shrine to its parishioners....

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Pilgrimage 2019

Pilgrimage 2019

Annual Retreat held at Kinnigoli

Reported by: Fr.Rupesh Tauro The annual Retreat of the parish was held on April 1st to April 4th, 2019. The retreat was conducted by...

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