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The Place, Kinnigoli.

Not so long ago, it was known to be an agrarian centre, famed for areca nut and beetle trade. Today Kinnigoli has transformed quite unexpectedly into a preferred residential destination and retirement haven. Rapid growth in economic stature of people in and around Kinnigoli has made multitude of them choose to live nearer to the heart of the town. Rapid influx has affected considerable changes on the place and its facets.

Amenities and commercial services have improved leaps and bounds over the last decade. There is a wide choice for food and grocery items. You get everything from happala to burger. Fish market spoils you by choice and fresh vegetables are amply available. Weekly market held on Wednesday still retains its significance in this era of malls by offering those precious items which Kinnigolians are used to and no malls are capable of serving. For a town of its size, Kinnigoli has amazing number of Banks/ Bakeries/ Bars and Barbers . This says a lot about the growing economic power of Kinnigoli and demand for services of all kinds.

Kinnigoli now has all the prominent telecom companies providing their services. Every major nationalized bank has a branch here. There are four ATM’s and number is only growing, private banks too have set up their ATM’s here. There is a Hospital and good number of doctors. There are of Ayurvedic and Homeopathic practioners, labs and physiotherapists. Decent educational facilities are another plus point of Kinnigoli. Half a dozen schools with four of them offering CBSE, one prominent graduation college and a ITI are also there in Kinnigoli. There are also financial consultancies, vehicle dealers, stock brokers and shops of all kind.

Kinnigoli has lately emerged as a rapidly growing real estate hub. Land prices have sky rocketed here over the last three years and half a dozen construction projects of residential flats are in conceptual stage. Couple of, highly ambitious projects launched this year have propelled Kinnigoli into major league of real estate. The bleak side of this development is struggle of the middle class to find a decent living place. The stark and visible economic disparity of the people is somewhat hidden in the flourishes of the heart of the town. Increased number of cars and no parking space are another area of concern not less troubling is the sharp decrease in the ground water table.

The most prominent virtue of Kinnigoli is untainted and unparalleled communal harmony that it enjoys to this day. Despite the recent discomforting and nauseating developments across the twin districts, Kinnigoli, thanks to prudence and high mindedness of its residents, retains its name as most peaceful place in South Canara.

All major religions and communities have a presence in Kinnigoli and have contributed to their might to the development of the place. However heart of the town is occupied by two of them, GSB traders who have immensely helped in developing Kinnigoli as a trading centre mostly stay in the main street. Sizable catholic community which is scattered everywhere in Kinnigoli have their religious/social and cultural life revolving around Immaculate conception church which is the most prominent landmark. Church has contributed to the all-round healthiness of society by running schools, hospitals, school for special children and other charitable activities. Konkani cultural activities are also promoted by the local associations under its patronage.

The Yugapurusha hall serves as the nerve centre of social/cultural/literary and religious activities for the entire neighborhood. Role of Yugapurusha in encouraging talents and preserving traditions is reckoned by all.

Kateel Temple, Pompei college and Concetta Hospital are prominent institutions in around it. International service associations have found unrivalled patronage in Kinnigoli. Their Kinnigoli branches have given thrown up for them leaders par excellence at the district level. Eminent personalities form all wakes of life and spheres of profession call it their birth place and the list is endless. Kinnigoli is also made famous by one of the longest surviving Kannada monthly “Yugapurursha”.

In last decade Kinnigoli has emerged as a real happening place and is aptly dubbed “Little heaven”.

The parish, Immaculate Conception Church.

The Kinnigoly Parish, dedicated to our lady of Immaculate conception. It had celebrated the Bicentenary Jubilee of its establishment during the Calendar year, 2004 A.D..

Today, the Parish of Kinnigoli comprises 530 Catholic Families with 2,375 members. Kinnigoli is located at a distance of 30 kms from Mangalore, 8 Kms from the National Highway 17 towards the east from Mulky. Etymologically, the name ‘Kinnigoly’ hails from a Tulu word meaning ‘A Small Banyan Tree’.

Agriculture is the basic source of livelihood to the people of Kinnigoli and its neighborhood. However, a substantial number of people from the area work in Mumbai and the Gulf countries today. In recent years, the Christians have ventured successfully into business and industries locally.

The beautiful church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception glitters like a glittering pearl on a crown at an elevated location in Kinnigoli. Surrounded by attractive scenery of greenery, the majestic church inspires devotion in the hearts and minds of all those who pass by it. The graveyard in the churchyard, located beside the airport road, reminds every passer-by of the need of the spiritual.

Adjacent to the church are situated the Presbytery, the Belfry, and the Church Hall used for Wedding Reception and other functions. Beside the Hall is the Concetta Hospital, a refuge to the sick, the Maryvale convent of Bethany Sisters, the Little Flower Higher Primary and High School, Maryvale English Medium School, the Maryvale Home – a hostel/ an orphanage for the school – going children; the St. Mary’s Higher Primary School for the church. St. Mary’s Higher Primary School which celebrated is centenary recently is located right in front of the church. St. Mary’s special school for the mentally challenged children established by Rev. Fr. Stany Tauro is located towards the west of the church along with a spacious playground beside which is the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes built by Rev. Fr. Jacob Lobo. Close to it is also an attractive Open Air Stage used for public religious and cultural functions. All these remain witness to the Christian Faith and service prevalent in the locality.



Established in 1903 with the help from charitable donors by Rev. Fr. Joseph Pais , St. Mary’s school has been a boon to the residents of the area for more than a century now. Thousand of its students have attained acquirements which have helped them to come up in life and be successful in all spheres of life. Even today amidst the onslaught of love for English, school silently serves the poor and needy by providing education in the language of the land.

The school celebrated its Centenary in a grand manner on 11th February 2004 during which an illustrious alumnus of the school, Padmashree Dr. Devi Shetty, Chairman, Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore, was the Chief guest. He presented 10 Computers to the school on the historic occasion.


In the olden days, people of the villages were suffering by unavailability of healthcare and medication. Sensing this dire need of the local community Rev. Fr.concieved and started work on a Hospital project with support from donors. His dream became a reality when the Concetta Hospital was inaugurated and blessed by Bishop Basil Peris on 13.4.1958.

Thousand and thousand have benefitted from this institution which is cherished as a devine gift by citizens belonging to every religion, cast and economic group. It has helped thousands of women to have safe deliveries, has saved many more thousand lives by timely medication and has especially helped thousand of victims of snakebite in the agararian neighbourhood.

Community development

Sanjivini, a community development intiative by concetta hospital has done remarkable service to the cause of womans empowerment and enreprenerial skill development.

Passionate service

St Mary’s special school is the noblest charitable work undertaken by Kinnigoli parish in the recent past. Through this passionate initiative many a dozen lives have been brightened by the parish. Children with varying degree of mental disability have been trained and empowered by the school. Thus helping them live a happier and more dignified life and also to fill their parents lives with invaluable joy and hope. In the school school where most student are non catholic, every student is picked from his house and dropped back in the school van. These days many other community and institutions have expressed their appreciation and showed their support to this cause.

Communal Hramony

Kinnigoli is renowned for its communal harmony and credit must go to all the religious leaders and every single citizen of this simple town. Kinnigoli parish has contributed in its own unique way to foster brotherhood and healthy relation among all the communities.

Selfless service irrespective of religious affiliation, frequent intermixing of faiths during major celebrations, get togethers, public functions and passionate services have been tools that have encouraged communal harmony.

Religious service

Parish also serves with verve the spiritual requirements of all its members.

Parish Associations

  • The Altar Boy’s Sodality was started by Rev. Fr. Joseph L. Pais in 1929.
  • The Girl’s Sodality was wstablished by Rev. Fr. Marian S. Fernandes in 1932.
  • The Young Men’s Sodality was begun by Rev. Fr. Albrt D’Sa in 1949.
  • The Legion of Mary was introduced by Rev. Fr. Jacob Lobo in 1956.
  • The Third Order of St. Francis was initiated by Rev. Fr. Jacob Lobo in 1957.
  • The Society of St. Vincent de Paul was started by Rev. Fr. Jacob Lobo in 1962.
  • The Catholic Youth Movement (CYM) was started by Rev. Fr. L. V. M. Fernandes in 1968. Today the Unit renders enthusiastic service in the parish under the name of Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM).
  • Small Christian Communities were established by Rev. Fr. Stany Tauro ward – wise in 1993. The SCCs meet regularly and function efficiently in all the 14 Wards of the Parish.
  • The Catholic Sabha started functioning in the parish since October 1996, under the direction of Rev. Fr. Stany Tauro. The Sabha renders appreciable service under the motto of service, Sacrifice and Unity.
  • Young Christian Students (YCS) movement was set in motion by Rev. Fr. J. J. Saldanha in 1998 with Rev. Fr. Walter D’souza as the Assistant director. The YCS has brought the young Catholic students together and contributes to the  personality development of every member besides rendering useful service to the parish.
  • Krista Jayanthi Jubilee Fund was established under the direction of Rev. Fr. J. J. Saldanha in order to commemorate the great event of Krista Jayanthi – 2000. The primary aim of this Fund is to serve the poor and the needy.
  • UJWAL Sthree Sanghatan (‘Ujwal’ Women’s Organization) was stated by Rev. Fr. J. J. Saldanha in July 2000 with women’s empowerment as its aim.
  • The Church Choir function enthusiastically under the guidance of V. Rev. Patrick Rodrigues, the Convenorship of Rev. Fr. Valerian Mendoca. The Jubilee Choir of 75 members was indeed grand and memorable.